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The Odoo Studio Module Views menu will help craft different Views to the applications menu. The distinctive Views that are available by default will help bring more attraction and put forward the information of the various menus, which will be exceptionally useful. There are views such as Form, Search, and Activity View that can define the Views for the menus. Under the Form View the aspects such as the Title for the Form, Buttons of configurations of the Form based on the operational needs as well as the Print button which will directly print the Form View from the Window in case of needs of the data in the Paper format. In addition, the various Action elements such as Delete, Archive, Unarchive, Mark, Unmark, and many more can be brought in based on the need. The Navigation aspects to move around the different From menus can be also added as such as the breadcrumbs depiction for the ease of navigation between the menus.

Under the Search view using the Odoo Studio, the different Filtering elements can be brought in where these tools can be used to sort out the required entries. Moreover, the Customization aspects for the use of the Filter options can be defined which will provide the user with full autonomy on the use of the Filter tool. Under the Activity View, the Chatter element can be brought in therefore while scheduling the different activities the concerned users can discuss n it and this will ensure that all of the attendees are provided with a platform to discuss it before the scheduled time.

Furthermore, there are Multiple, Record Views such as List, Kanban, Map Views that can be defined. In the List View the customization elements such as new Fields of operations can be easily brought in which will ensure that required instructions are depicted in the List. Aspects such as Priority Filed, the Contact Field, and many more. Additionally, the different Fields which have been described can be made Invisible, can be edited and removed based on the need. In the Kanban View the various elements of operations such as the Create as well as the Edit buttons can be removed, this will be helpful in providing the portal access to the external users thus ensuring that the new entries and the existing entries are not be created, modified and removed. Furthermore, a dedicated Pipeline Status bar can be brought into the view which will provide a clear insight into the operational stages. In the Map View the elements such as the Name, Address can be made to be hidden. In addition, Additional Fields can be added which will be helpful with the view as well as you can enable the Routing option which will help to understand the address and the commute to respective places to be done easily.

In addition, the Timeline Views such as Calendar, Cohort, Gantt Views can also be defined. Under the Calendar View the configurational aspects such as the Start Date Field as well as the Stop Date Field can be defined. The Delay Field, the Color, All Day configuration, and the Default Display mode aspects of management can be configured. Under the Cohort View the Start Date Field, as well as the Stop Date Field, can be defined. Furthermore, the Measure Field, Interval, Mode, and the Timeline can be defined.

Moreover, distinctive Reporting Views such as Dashboard, Graph, and Pivot can be used to determine specific reports. In the Graph View the elements such as the Type, Sorting, First Dimension, Second Dimension, measure, and if there is a need to add a new dimension you can add it to the Graph View while it’s been created. Under the Pivot View the aspects such as the Column grouping, Row grouping - First level, Row grouping - Second level, Measures, and the Display count can be enabled as per the need.

All the Views configuration options available in the Odoo Studio module will help define the distinctive menus of the applications being in the clarity element to the data which is being defined.

Odoo 15 Studio

Let's now understand the following menu in the Odoo Studio module, which will help with the configuration aspects of the application, the Reports menu.



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