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Converting Leads into Opportunities

Creating leads and converting them into opportunities is a cakewalk in the Odoo CRM platform. Every CRM activities in the platform are managed with pipeline aspects and each and every information starting with the first interaction to the won sale or lost sale is perfectly arranged. The acquired leads in the Odoo can be converted into opportunities straight from the Leads window when the agreements and terms and conditions from the both sides are agreeable.

Now let us have a look into how to convert Leads into Opportunities. For that we can enter into the Leads menu where you can click on the CREATE icon to view and access the Lead creation window.


You can fill the creation form with all the contact descriptions and necessary details of the particular lead together with the probability of gaining the lead. If you have not acquired much contact details on the particular lead, you are also allowed to enrich the lead with the advanced enrich option available. After completing all these processes, you can convert the lead into an opportunity by pressing on the CONVERT TO OPPORTUNITY button available on the left corner as highlighted below.


When you click on the CONVERT TO OPPORTUNITY button, you might be displayed with a pop up window where you have to create an opportunity with all the given details.


In the conversion window, you can specify the conversion action. Here Odoo allows you to convert the lead into a new opportunity or the lead can be merged with the existing opportunities. Moreover, you can assign this opportunity to a specific Salesperson and Sales Team. the opportunity can be added by selecting the Add a line option available. If you are converting the lead separately as an opportunity, the Odoo platform provides you with other options to connect the lead to the customer available. In this case, the window will look like the below image.


After completing these steps, you can click on the CREATE OPPORTUNITY button available in the pop up window. Now the status of the Leads window will look like the below image.


Now you are able to create a sales quotation.



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