Manufacturing- Odoo 15 Enterprise Book

Managing Maintenance

While manufacturing the products, it is quite common that the issue of maintenance arises. Proper maintenance results in reducing the costs, time as well as resources. Monitoring the equipment from time to time reduces the risk or perishment of the machinery. The state of the equipment makes a direct impact on the products manufactured. Therefore it is important to give a maintenance check on the equipment and to report maintenance requests at the right time. The down time of the equipment can be reduced and this helps in pacing the production.

Odoo 15 allows you to place maintenance requests directly from the Manufacturing module. From the Manufacturing Order profile select the MAINTENANCE REQUEST option.


At the displayed form enter the details such as:

Request: At the given field enter the name of the maintenance request that is created.

Created By: The name of the employee who is requesting maintenance must be added in this field.

Equipment: Name of the equipment that requires maintenance must be defined in this field.

Request Date: The date on which the request is made.

Maintenance Type: You can choose either Corrective Maintenance Type or Preventive Maintenance Type as the required type for your equipment.

Manufacturing Order: Mention the manufacturing order in which the equipment is used.

Work Order: Define the work order in this given field.

Team: Select the team which you need to look at the maintenance of the equipment.

Responsible: The employee responsible for the maintenance work must be selected in this field.

Scheduled Date: The date the maintenance team plans the maintenance. The scheduled date should not differ much from the request date.

Duration: The time taken to undergo the maintenance work in hours.

Priority: The priority of the maintenance in terms of stars can be added, which will give the maintenance team a message of emergency.

Company: Insert the name of the company in this given field.

Internal Notes: Any additional notes that you have to convey to the maintenance team can be added here.

After adding all the necessary information to the form, you can select the SAVE button to post the maintenance request. You can retrieve these maintenance requests from Odoo’s Maintenance module also.

In Odoo 15 Manufacturing module you can carry out the maintenance works in two types. While requesting maintenance the employee can select the type of maintenance he or she needs on the equipment. These two types are Corrective Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance: Corrective type of maintenance is used when the equipment requested for maintenance needs to identify, isolate and rectify the fault. This type is used when an equipment fails and can be restored to its original operational condition.

Preventive Maintenance: Preventive maintenance is performed from time to time to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition. This saves from costly and unplanned downtime of the equipment. Unexpected failures can be avoided using the preventive maintenance method.



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