Accounting - Odoo 15 Enterprise Book

Automatic Transfers

When you have to transfer an amount from one account to another account over a fixed period of time, you can make use of the Automatic Transfers feature provided by the Odoo 15 Accounting module. By selecting the Automatic Transfer option from the Accounting tab , you can view the list of existing automatic transfers. The details of the transfers such as the Name of the automatic transfer, name of the Company, Start Date, Stop Date and Frequency of the transfer is displayed. By selecting the transfer from the list you can view more details of it.


The Origin Account details along with the Code, Account Name and Type can be viewed. You can add new Origin Accounts by selecting the Add a Line option. The details of the Automated Transfer are displayed next to the origin accounts. This includes the details such as Analytic Filter, Partner Filter, Percentage and Destination Account where the amount should be transferred. The number of transfers that have happened under the selected Automatic Transfer can be viewed at the Transfers tab. If the automatic transfer is disabled then you can validate it by selecting the ACTIVATE button.


By activating the Automatic Transfer the status of the transfer will change from DISABLED to RUNNING. After activating you can compute the transfer to the destination accounts by clicking on the COMPUTE TRANSFER button. The transfer details can be viewed at the Transfers tab.

As soon as the transfer is computed the entries are generated and kept as drafts. The draft entries can be posted or cancelled by selecting the POST and CANCEL ENTRY buttons.



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