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Generating reports on the various activities and operations conducted is an essential aspect. The reporting window will provide insight into all the vital details within a few seconds. It will also support your understanding and assist you in creating marketing plans, helping you understand your current graph, outcomes, business trends, and profit. Moreover, the best report management system will allow you to track your business growth and help you to find out your weak points. The Odoo system has a robust report management system, and it will consist of an exclusive Reporting section in almost all modules in the system. The Odoo Recruitment module also includes a well-defined Report management system that will allow you to understand and analyze the recruitment processes.

Under the Reporting section of the Odoo Recruitment module, you can view and access the Recruitment Analysis menu as shown in the below image.


Upon selecting the Recruitment Analysis menu, you will enter into the Recruitment Analysis window as shown in the below image.


You can generate reports in BarChart, Line Chart, and Pie Chart. Also, the data can be arranged in both Ascending and Descending order by selecting the respective menu. You are also able to view the graphical reports on full screen by clicking on the respective menu available. The Graph menu in the window can be accessed from the top right corner. Moreover, the report can be generated in various measures. This can be done by clicking on the MEASURES icon available. The multiple measures depicted are Hired, Hired by Referral, New Applicant, Refused, Has Referrer, Process Duration, and Count. In addition, the platform allows you to apply various defaults and customizable filters for sorting out specific data. The default filters available in the window are“Last 365 Days Applicant” and “Start Date.” You can also group this window based upon the Job Position and Company. Under the Favourites tab, you have the menus such as Save Current Search, Link menu in spreadsheet, Add to my dashboard and Add to Google Spreadsheet.

Similarly, the window will display the number of Hired People, the percentage of Recruitment Rate, Referral Rate, Process duration in weeks as shown in the below image.


Odoo also manages the Recruitment Analysis in the Pivot table. Where also, you have the provision to generate reports in various measures, as we discussed earlier. The Filters, Group By, Favourite, and Search options are also accessible. In addition, you have the menus such as INSERT IN SPREADSHEET, Flip axis, Expand all, Download XLSX are also available at the top right side. The image of the Pivot view is depicted below.


The Recruitment management module in the Odoo ERP system is the best and most efficient tool for comprehensive managing and automation in resourcing and recruitment operations of your organization. The platform simplifies the recruitment processes with quick hiring template generation, helps to organize interviews, onboarding, and anything you require for recruitment management.



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