Inventory- Odoo 15 Enterprise Book

Removal Strategies

Removal Strategies are the advanced techniques used in Odoo in picking or inventory operations to identify and choose suitable products by implementing some criterias for rearranging the distance for the worker, or for quality assurance. These effective and systematic arrangements of the removal of products upon orders helps your company to reduce the product wastage and money loss due to the expiry of the products. If the product movement wants to be done, Odoo discovers the products which are available for applying to the transfer. Here Odoo set up these products based upon the Removal Strategies defined in the Product Category or on when we create Locations.

Odoo set up Removal Strategies based upon four different rules. Which are listed below.

First In First Out (FIFO)

First In First Out rule is set up based on the technique that the first in products should be considered for first out. So the old stock is used for selling first and after selling all these products only consider the latest products. These options are very useful and effective for companies especially for managing consumable product industries or selling the batch of products that are manufactured first for coming out and the latest manufactured products at last. So that you can perfectly manage these products before their expiries.

Last In First Out (LIFO)

On the contrary, the Last In First Rule is operated based on the removal strategies where the operation is based on the last in products should be sold first and then only the first in come out. In this rule, you are able to sell the fresh stocks of the products first and the older stocks last.

First Expiry First Out (FEFO)

The First Expiry First Out rule is functioned based on the aspect that the expiration dates of the product. By applying this strategy, you will be able to send out the perishable products at first.

Closest Location

The Closest Location option is the new option introduced in the 15 edition that will allow you to send out the products from the closest locations.

As we clear on the Removal Strategies options available in the Odoo Inventory module and now let us have a deep understanding over the Rules and Routes option available.



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